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What is SpaceLAB?

SpaceLAB is a group of four young developers, who are very interested in technology. Originally we were a group of two, but we later expanded our team, to be able to participate at CanSat. Soon after, we noticed that we could be able to make SpaceLAB to something bigger than anticipated.

About CanSat

CanSat is a project of ESA, where a group of four have to build a satellite in the size of a can, which has to measure temperature and air pressure once per second, and then send it via radio to the ground station. The CanSat gets carried into the air with a model rocket in heights above 500m (1640feet). In the end, it has to land safely on earth.

More information is found on the official CanSat website.

HTBLA Leonding

Our school offers multiple workshops, laboratories and development spaces, which we can use for this project. Furthermore, we are able to participate at CanSat through them.

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Our Motivation

We have been interested in electronics and programming since we were young, and space and aviation technology always played a big role too. Therefore CanSat is the perfect opportunity for us, too show our capabilities.

Our sponsors

our sponsors

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